John Miller and his Country Casuals

Miller’s a traditional country singer; there’s no gimmicks and no newfangled twists. If he can be dubbed alternative these days it’s because he cleaves to the verities, sure in the power and emotion of his own voice...
Consequently he’s the purest country singer practising his art on these islands, and the finest!

"Utterly convincing, sometimes joyous, sometimes heartbreaking, always credible trip from Glasgow to Nashville and back again, both in terms of songwriting and performance. I loved it." TOM MORTON, BBC Radio Scotland

"I'm not sure quite how reincarnation works but if Merle Haggard was dead, he'd be the new Merle Haggard. As it is there are two Merle Haggards... It is really nice hearing a country album of that style which is consistently good all the way through" MARK LAMARR, BBC Radio 2

"I don’t need to pick favourites, because every one of the album’s twelve tracks is an absolute winner" JIM MARSHALL, Online Country UK

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