Britpop Revisited - Blur vs Pulp - Tributes - Aberdeen

Blur2 VS Pulp’d: Britpop Revisted in Aberdeen

In March 2024, OGV Podium in Aberdeen will resonate with the unmistakable sound of Britpop, as Blur2 & Pulp’d take the stage once more. It's a genuine testament to an era when bands like Blur and Pulp defined a generation and reshaped Britain's musical landscape.

Join us for an evening that pays homage to the essence of '90s British rock. Revisit anthems like Parklife and Girls & Boys and get carried away with the narrative brilliance of Common People and the iconic vibes of Disco 2000.

The event is more than just a tribute—it's a journey back to the core of Britpop, a genre that married insightful lyrics with infectious melodies. OGV Podium will not just be a venue on this night, but a time machine transporting us to the heyday of a movement that echoed far beyond the UK.

Don't miss out on an authentic Britpop experience this March. Blur2 & Pulp’d are not only keeping the spirit alive, but they're reminding us of why we fell in love with Britpop in the first place. Join the celebration and let the music speak for itself.

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